The Arrangement Conference

It is important to call before coming in. This will help us establish a mutual time to meet your needs with availability of the proper licensed staff. We will review all the items listed below and many more. Conferences can last from forty-five minutes to two hours, depending on the type of service we are providing for you. Your call ahead of time can help us prepare the things we need to do before you arrive. If you are unable to meet in our offices, we also offer funeral arrangements in your home if requested.

Information and items you need to provide or bring to the funeral home…

Vital statistics:

Funeral Alternatives will need certain information to assist you. It will be your obligation to provide the data for the Washington State Death Certificate. Click on the following link to open up a PDF “Vital Statistic Sheet.”  We will create the death certificate from your information, and will forward the certificate to the attending physician for the cause of death. The death certificate then gets routed to the local health department for filing. Upon receipt, the health department will provide the number of certified death certificates you have paid for to handle your business affairs. They will also provide a Burial/Transit Permit. This document is required before burial, cremation or transportation of the body can take place.

Obituary information:

If you are going to have an obituary printed in a newspaper, you will need to provide information or content. A PDF obituary form is available by clicking on: Obituary Form. We suggest you use the form as a guide to create an obituary in a Word document. This gives you an opportunity to review and edit the content as you would like it to appear.  Then email the obituary to us for placement in the newspapers of your choice. If you would rather have us write the obituary for you, fill out the form and fax it, scan and email it, or drop it off at our offices. We will compose a draft for your review before submitting it to the papers of your choice.  We also will help you if you do not have a computer or email capability. We offer this assistance as a courtesy, but please be advised, the newspapers generally charge linage for printing the obituary.

Note: Funeral Alternatives offers free use of our website for photo, service information and full-length obituary. There is also a guestbook for friends to leave memories and condolences for the family. Again, this service is available at no charge to every family we serve.

Obituary photo:

If you would like a photo in the newspaper with the obituary, you will need to email us the photo in a separate jpg attachment. Newspapers generally charge extra for photos. Again, if you do not have a computer, simply bring the photo to our office. We will scan it and return it immediately.

Veteran’s paperwork:

If the deceased is a veteran, we will need a copy of the discharge papers or Form DD214. This document will outline the entry and exit dates of service and also rank. This information will be needed to acquire any veteran’s benefits for which the person is entitled.

Other pertinent documents:

Bring in any other information pertinent to the disposition, such as cemetery information or funeral insurance documents.


If there is going to be any viewing or if you desire the remains to be dressed before disposition, please bring in the clothing, including undergarments you want your loved one to wear.  Note:  For cremation, certain items cannot be cremated, including glass, rubber or plastic items and large metal items that may do damage to the crematory.