What if I want to be buried and my spouse wants cremation, is that a problem?

This is no problem at all. In fact, knowing what your spouse wants indicates you have talked it over. As long as you agree to respect each other’s wishes the next step is to put it in writing with your funeral provider. This will help the rest of your family to know exactly what you want (and eliminate the guess work for them.)

Can I sign my own cremation authorization?

Yes, it is encouraged. By signing your own cremation authorization you establish a clear directive as to your intent for disposition by cremation. Remember, the law offers you this right to control your own disposition. It also eliminates the funeral home from having to get permission from other family members. Here’s an example of what can happen: If there is no spouse and the surviving next of kin are five children, the funeral home is obligated to get the majority of the children to authorize the cremation. If a child objects to cremation the funeral home can still cremate, however this could cause distress among the siblings. This problem can be avoided by pre-signing your own cremation authorization, by doing so you are leaving a clear message for your family regarding your wishes. A PDF copy of our cremation authorization form is available here: Cremation Form

Choosing Your Crematory

Inspecting your crematory will allow you to have comfort, knowing how the work is done and how the facilities are managed. You have the right to inspect the crematory of your choice. We encourage inspection with our customers to help put their minds at ease.

Video Tour of Our Crematory:

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Our Crematory:

  • is eco-friendly (effective controls / eliminates pollutants)
  • uses modern, computerized controls
  • ensures that your loved-one never has to leave our care

For your peace-of-mind, we invite inspections of our crematory; it is to your advantage to see where your loved-one is cared for.